100% All Natural Cocoa Butter Bar

Instantly Melts when Touched and becomes a Luscious Oil that’s Perfect for Masturbation

Melt into the moment with Butter-Me, a lubricating sex butter that heightens sensation

It really is all about the glide. Our Butter-Me bar is a natural lubricant made from 100% pure all natural cocoa butter with skin conditioning benefits. It keeps your skin supple, moisturized—and most importantly—maximizes the moment.

Butter-Me In the Raw

Butter-Me is a bar made from cocoa butter, which is chocolate in its most natural form. We believe natural is best, especially when it comes to your body. In other words—you in the raw, chocolate in the raw… what could be better?

You’ll love the way it smells and tastes, and it comes with a smile! Unwrap it and see for yourself.

Butter-Me + Body Heat = Better

Your body temperature and our 100% pure cocoa butter make delicious moments happen… naturally.

Go solo or delight your partner with Butter-Me. Spread the love!