Butter-Me (Single Bar)

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The original happy ending bar!

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1 bar (single), 1 case (12 bars)

3 reviews for Butter-Me (Single Bar)

  1. TWC

    Excellent Product!! Does wonders in so many different ways!

  2. JT Gilley

    My girlfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and in the past we have tried to have anal sex with KY jelly products with no luck. Each time we tried it was too painful for her and we were left with nothing but a big KY mess all over the bed. Because neither one of us have ever done it in the past, we wanted to experience it together and make it a special moment for both, so we continued to look for a product that would allow us to do so. Not long after I found the butter-me bar and both of us were intrigued by it because of it being all natural cocoa butter, so we gave it another shot. After applying the butter-me bar to the tip of my penis and then her anus, we were pleasantly surprised on how easy it slid in. There’s no mess, with twice the lubricating power as KY Jelly. If you use and like KY products, then you’ll absolutely love the butter-me bar. And the best part to me about the butter-me bar.. I don’t only use it when having sex, its my daily moisturizer as well.

  3. The Master

    If KY jelly is a terrorist, butter-me is Jesus!

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