Q: How does a “butter bar” work?

A: Try it! Apply the Butter-Me bar to your skin, and experience the reaction as your body temperature melts it into a stimulating oil. It heightens your full-glide sexual pleasure during masturbation and other creative activities.

Q: How does cocoa butter compare to other lubricants?

A. Cocoa butter rates among the world’s favorite lubricants for increased sexual stimulation. Try Butter-Me and see for yourself! It lasts an incredibly long time and can be easily reapplied. Our customers swear by it.

Q: How effective is Butter Me?

A: Very effective. As it melts, it elevates sexual pleasure by thoroughly lubricating and moisturizing body parts—without the residual “gunk” that other lubricants create.

Q: How safe is Butter-Me?

A. Butter-Me is made from 100% natural cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is high in beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants, making it  an excellent “deep” moisturizer. This safe and popular sexual lubricant is chosen by hundreds of thousands of people to enhance their erotic experience. In other words, try it! Unlike other products, there’s no mess or stickiness to clean up after use. Simply leave it on and enjoy its healthy benefits.

Q: What about cocoa butter and condoms?

A. Butter-Me is most popular when used for masturbation or sex without a condom. Butter-Me is not recommended for use with condoms, as any oil-based lubricant can affect the latex, which may decrease the effectiveness of birth control and STD protection.

Q: How about Butter-Me and massage?

A. Butter-Me is great for massage. It melts when it comes into contact with your body, and working it into the skin is a pleasurable experience. Whether you use it intimately or massage it into the body of your partner, it becomes a smooth, luxurious treat to the senses.

Q: Why the smiley face?

A. Be happy! Sex should make you smile, right? Our Butter-Me bars do just that, from the moment you open the package to the moment you apply it on your body. Butter-Me comes packaged with a smile because that’s the end result—a happy interlude with a lubricating moisturizer.

Q: What are the ingredients of the bar?

A. Butter-Me is 100% all natural cocoa butter melted and cooled at very specific temperatures to create the bar.